Occupational Therapy

Every child is different, and every child grows and develops at their own pace. There are certain developmental milestones that parents watch for along the way; markers that should bring a parent comfort that their baby is progressing as he/she should. But what if your child isn’t meeting these milestones? Our occupational therapy team is here to not only help determine if your child is progressing at pace, but then try to give you the tools you need to support your child and create a plan of action that meets their needs.

 At Oliver Behavioral Consultants (OBC), we take a holistic and child-first approach. The Occupational Therapy Team specializes in the assessment and treatment of issues that impact a child’s independence and success. Then we go a step further by taking a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. At OBC, our OT team collaborates with various therapeutic disciplines for a unified and consistent approach to intervention.

Knowing if your child needs an OT plan is determined by many factors.

Does your child:

  • Resist, refuse or avoid most food? Does the mess that comes with eating cause your child stress?
  • Show little interest in age-appropriate toys, in playing with other children their age, witch their siblings, or even with you?
  • Struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? Does the transition to bedtime cause stress for the entire family?
  • Have difficulty paying attention, sitting still, focusing on an activity?
  • Exhibit a sense of disconnection and a lack of interest and engagement with others and the world around them?
  • Easily get over-stimulated, or do you have trouble getting any type of excitement from them?
  • Fall down a lot, have poor fine-motor skills and awkward big movement coordination?
  • Show and inability to be able to dress themselves, brush their teeth, and other personal-care activities?

If you or your child’s doctor is concerned and believes your child may benefit from Occupational Therapy, reach out. OBC is here to help.

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