Our Identity and Mission

Our mission is to provide interventions resulting in positive goal-focused outcomes that improved quality of life for our clients, their families, and communities.

Oliver Behavioral Consultants’ team of well-trained therapists take a multidisciplinary approach considering each clients’ unique needs to deliver function-based treatment strategies resulting in well-rounded intervention protocols.

50+ years of combined experience in servicing our communities

Our Story - The OBC Journey

Back in 2010, our founder, Dr. Patricia Oliver, was working in research at CU Denver. She loved the work with schools and her team, but she was missing the direct interaction with families and the “peanuts” (as she frequently refers to the children we serve). This need for direct contact with our community was her inspiration to start working directly with families in the Denver Metro area.

Initially, her work was mostly through early intervention (children 0-3 years of age). Her services were solicited when a youngster and her/his family were struggling with behavioral difficulties.

While working with families in their home, Dr. Oliver had the opportunity to interact with other professionals providing different kinds of supports to the families and their children. It was through these interactions that she came to the awareness of the need for creating transdisciplinary teams where children were valued as whole individuals with different needs and whom would benefit from a team approach to intervention.

This moment represented the initial blueprint for OBC. With the intention of creating a tight multidisciplinary team, she first hired an early childhood educator, then sometime later a speech and language pathologist, then followed by an occupational therapist. Recently, OBC has broadened its support even further by the addition of a mental health team who provide counseling and diagnostic services.

Through persistent work and total dedication, OBC is proudly celebrating its first 10 years of providing evidence-based support to the youngsters of our community and their families.

Dave And Patricia Leaders Of Oliver Behavioral Consultants

Our Unique Edge

Multidisciplinary Approach

Welcome to Oliver Behavioral Consultants (OBC), where we redefine mental health and therapy through our innovative Multidisciplinary Approach. At OBC, we believe in comprehensive care that addresses the diverse needs of our clients, spanning across age groups and developmental stages.

 Our Multidisciplinary Approach integrates a range of specialized services to cater to the unique requirements of each individual. From Mental Health services for children and adults to Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Applied Behavioral services, and ASD and IDD diagnostics, we offer a holistic spectrum of support under one roof.

 What sets us apart is our commitment to introducing our patients to the full array of services available. By embracing a collaborative model, we empower our clients to access the resources they need to thrive. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of mental health, developing essential life skills through occupational therapy, improving communication abilities with speech therapy, or addressing behavioral challenges with applied behavioral services, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to facilitating holistic growth and well-being.

 At OBC, we understand that true success in therapy is achieved when all aspects of an individual’s needs are addressed. Our multidisciplinary approach not only fosters healthier outcomes but also promotes long-term resilience and fulfillment in life.

 Experience the difference with Oliver Behavioral Consultants and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness and personal growth. Let us partner with you on the path to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Building Trust and Credibility

Our team uses a collaborative model where our multiple services (Speech and Language, Mental Health, Behavior, and Occupational Therapy) are provided at a single location, allowing for a more holistic approach. Trained and experienced, each of our team members works from a place of empathy and compassion to develop individualized treatment plans and achieve successful outcomes that can change lives for the better.

Team Member Woman

Dr. Patricia Oliver

Founder and Board President

Team Member Staff

Dr. David Hatfield

Owner and Board Chair
Team Member Man

Lance Bender

Chief Executive Officer
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Waleshka Melo

Administrative Director

Team Member Staff 8

Claire Godfrey

Occupational Therapy Department Supervisor
Team Member Staff 5

Wendi Hoag

Mental Health Department Supervisor
Team Member Staff 4

Sarah Feldman

Speech Department Supervisor
Team Member Staff 3

Samantha Smalley

Behavioral Services Department Supervisor
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Thyasis Barber

Revenue Cycle Management Department Supervisor

Team Member Staff 7

Maria Torrealba

Human Resources Manager

Team Member Staff 6

Christine Brownfield

Marketing and Partner Relationships Coordinator
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