Child First Approach: Skills That Support Health and Happiness

Positive Change for a Positive Future

Behavioral Services

Aggressive, oppositional, disruptive, and dangerous behavior is concerning for the client, for the family, and even for outlying caregivers and educators. Treatment is often as complicated as the behavior itself.

Our behavioral therapists practice Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and have one goal: to reduce negative behavior quickly and replace it with more positive and helpful strategies. We help individuals learn foundational skills and to reduce challenging, inappropriate, or dangerous behaviors. ABA focuses on assessing the function or cause of these behaviors, and the use of prompting and reinforcement techniques to motivate individuals to change their behavior. We work with children and adults with a range of diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental disabilities, and ADHD.

We also work on goals related to improving imitation, attending skills, direction-following, social skills, self-care skills, play skills, tolerance to non-preferred stimuli, waiting, functional communication, toilet training, executive functioning skills, and several other areas.

Speech & Language

Our speech and language pathologists provide services to individuals with communication, cognitive, fluency, pragmatic, and voice impairments at any stage of their life. We are a team of evidence-based practice clinicians who care deeply about our clients and their path toward communicative independence.

By focusing on collaboration between all members of the individual’s team — including other clinicians, family members, and teachers — we strive to build connection and to promote carryover across all settings. Our goal is to build functional communication and implement strategies that improve overall understanding and use of language. This includes the development of sounds, grammar, vocabulary, social skills, and age-appropriate play.

Occupational Therapy

Each child grows and develops at their own pace. But missing developmental milestones can be stressful. If your child has noticeable deficits, the OBC OT team is here to not only evaluate but to give you the tools you need to support your child and to create a plan of action.

We specialize in the assessment and treatment of deficits that impact an individual’s independence and participation in activities of daily life that can have a significant impact on how they function and participate in the world. Our occupational therapists assist children and adults and help them improve in purposeful, daily activities — such as self-care, play, school participation — so that they gain independence and are empowered with self-reliance and confidence.

Mental Health

Our team is experienced in the complex and deeply personal nuances of mental health. We provide services and therapeutic approaches to combat mental health issues in children and adults. From depression to anxiety to relationship and family issues, how our mental health team works with our clients– and deeply integrates with all of our service offerings — is as unique as the individuals we help. Our treatment plans focus on supportive strategies built upon trust, self-determination, and optimism, and that empower individuals to grow, change, and triumph so they can live their best lives.


Diagnostic evaluations can identify Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and intellectual disabilities, often saving families months of time waiting for these evaluations elsewhere.