We value our Community

We are dedicated to providing interventions resulting in positive goal-focused outcomes that improve the quality of life for our community

Our Partners​

It takes a special practice to work with special kids. It takes compassion and empathy. It takes optimism and creativity. It takes experience and expertise. Oliver Behavioral Consultants is one of Colorado’s leading providers of behavioral, speech/language, occupational, and mental health intervention and assessment. With two locations to serve our patients, we deploy patient-centered strategies to better the lives of children, adults, and even families.

Our co-treatment approaches are grounded in a comprehensive and holistic model. Our team of specialists in each of our services areas collaborate to inspire individualized treatment plans that work for the whole patient and, when appropriate, the whole family. This wrap-around approach to services is based on proactive communication and in individual attention.

We are a team of stellar Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), registered behavior technicians, speech-language pathologists, mental health specialists, and occupational therapists, providing assessment and intervention for individuals with delayed developmental skills, and various other diagnoses from birth to adulthood.