Frequently Asked

Yes, we are! Currently, we have a waitlist for some of the disciplines, but we try to move clients up as quickly as possible. Timing depends on a variety of factors such as availability, matching providers/client times, age, etc.

We are in-network with the most common commercial insurances including BCBS, UHC, Aetna, Cigna, Medicaid, and CHP. Coverage depends on each plan and we check eligibility before starting services.

This depends on the results of the evaluation and is a different process. We can share more details when gathering information directly from clients.

We can share our out-of-pocket rates when gathering information directly from clients.

Not all disciplines and service areas have the same wait time. We will call you once we have availability and are ready to schedule your appointment. From there, we will send you the paperwork to complete and return to our office prior your appointment.

We offer ABA therapy (behavior therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health services which include counseling, therapy and diagnostic evaluations).

We only offer ABA therapy in-home. This will depend on different factors, for example, where you are located, availability of our staff in that area, client needs, and established goals at the time of initial intake. Often, we have a combination of in-home/in-clinic services for ABA. Speech and occupational therapies are only center-based.

We are happy to collaborate with school teams. The need for service provision in school settings is determined on individualized basis.
ABA is one of our longest waitlists. Once we have your child on the waitlist, we’ll contact you when we have availability, and then we will begin to gather the required documentation so that we can schedule the initial evaluation appointment.

We do not prescribe medication at our facility.

We do not provide services at this moment. However, if we hire a clinician with the scope of practice, we’ll let you know.

Yes. However, it will depend on your insurance coverage and benefits.

We start as early as possible and treat children as young as 18-months-old.